Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Professor Trotti's Reaction to Student Rabble Rousing

Far be it from me to try to drive a wedge between some students and
others before our little duel next weekend, but I hope the female
members of the student history association read this call to arms
closely -- freshMEN? militaristic rhetoric? proto-fascist celebration of
various men in the past and their violence? I don't think it is an
accident when your male comrade says "when we dared to stand up to them
LIKE MEN". What a giveaway.

Suffice it to say that all self-respecting women historians might need
to think carefully about who their allies really are as we approach the
battlefield: where, on the board of Risk, do your true enemies lie? And
if you join friendly professors to oppose this sort of patriarchy, all
the better. Consider it.

Michael T.

Michael, This churdel of slugh, this marne of handlgh....

-Jonathan Ablard
Churdel of slugh? What?
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